“Raw Material, Semi-finished goods, and Final Products without any assigned number act as the biggest obstacle in deliveries and supplies. It’s a challenge to find suitable material on time.”

Material Requirement Planning is the perfect solutionAutomate your internal processes and implement the workflows immediately for fast & hassle-free services

What do companies say about Our Implementation?

Case Study

Bharat Exports

Bharat Exports is a footwear manufacturing company in Maharashtra. Working for years, they are the industry pioneers and deal in a wide range of footwear for men and women. They also work for big giants and High-end brands like Peter England, Allen Solly, etc. Having a turnover of Rs 7 crore approximately, Bharat Exports is an SME with around 60-80 employees.

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Why does your company need to implement software ASAP?

“Software implementation can be a lengthy upfront process, but the benefits it provides, in the long run, are worth the time commitment. You’re investing money to gain efficiencies. Putting in the time to understand how a software works, what features it has, and how you can use it helps you to use it to its full potential.”

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