Material Requirement Planning: Control & Schedule your stock in one go

Material Requirement Planning: Control & Schedule your stock in one go

Often business owners complain that they are unable to check the stock levels in their warehouse, which further leads to delay in orders & wastage of inventory. One of our clients, Papertex Specialty Chemicals Pvt Ltd, also shared a similar issue with Zenscale. He expressed that he cannot focus on his business growth because of the inventory mismanagement and chaotic backend processes. So, to curb the matter once and for all, we suggested a sure-bet solution to our client - Material Requirement Planning.


Wondering what is Material Requirement Planning and how it helped the client streamline his inventory?


Let’s discuss and reap its benefits:


Material Requirement Planning


Material Requirement Planning is a spectacular feature that presents a hierarchy of job orders and suggests an approach to plan and schedule production in a framework. It contains information such as components required for particular job order, quantity required, and quantity available in stock on a single screen. Through this feature, the owner/manager can view the component or quantity and create Purchase Order, Additional Job Order, or Outsource the order with a click.


The Dashboard of Material Requirement Planning looks like:



Through the dashboard, you can quickly check how many components are required in job order and how much stock is available at the moment.


What if the components required are inadequate?


If the components required are more than the components available, the Material Requirement Planning helps create POs and further job orders in a tap. You can directly create a PO by clicking on the option, selecting the quantity and vendor via this feature. Another additional benefit is that it also displays if the work is outsourced and to whom it is outsourced.


Benefits of Material Requirement Planning


An excellent feature comes up with excellent benefits and guarantees stock management, process management, and stock tracking in one go.


Some of the significant benefits of using Material Requirement Planning are:


  • Smooth Management: Managing stock is one of the core challenges for any business. With Material Requirement Planning, you get a chance to allocate the exact stock required for any item and keep a check on the extra inventory available. Thus, it encourages smooth management and a steady flow of production at all levels.


  • Transparency: With every detail available on the dashboard, this feature helps the owner to track the stock in and out, its requirement, usage, and wastage, if any. This enables the user to plan proficiently and take corrective actions to enhance production. You can also examine the inventory with detailed reports and PO forms.


  • Promote Cost-Efficiency: This feature automates the stock management at different levels, which further eliminates the chances of confusion in the departments thus acts as a cost-saver deal for the entrepreneurs. Furthermore, you can find details on the dashboard, create PO immediately, and set quantity for the vendors that only helps in transparently manage & minimizing costs.


Material Requirement Planning has solved one of the significant challenges prevailing in businesses by simplifying inventory management at its core level. Now, no need to rush; instead, track everything through your screen and bring ease in your processes & peace to your mind.




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