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Cloud Based Production Management Software to increase turnover & monitoring job-order, BOM status.

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Why Choose Zenscale?

While there are several ERP solutions in the market, Zenscale stands out as its ERP solution is built from the ground up as a flexible cloud-based platform. We understand that production isn’t just a part of a business, it is the business. Thus, our Production Planning module is a purpose-built solution designed exclusively for production.


Connect with multiple apps and services

Consumption Against Job Order Report

Check all the base material consumed against job order.

Piece Wage Report

Piece wage details of all workers

Activity Confirmation

Conformation updates for all activities

Rework Report

Check all the products need to be reworked

Rejection Report

Status report of all the rejected products

Scrap Wise Confirmation Report

Conformation reports for scrap items

Delivery Schedule Wise

Scheduling updates for different products in a sale order

Why Use Production Planning?

Make it Stunning

Planning is an important part of every business especially when it’s in the manufacturing sector. When your clientele is limited, then you can manage production without any major problems. However, as your business grows, production mismanagement becomes more zenfrontnew which leads to delayed deliveries and inventory wastage. All this eventually hurts revenue and cash flow. However, with a comprehensive Production Planning solution, you can resolve all these issues and upscale seamlessly.

Why Use Financial Accounting?

A Better Way to do Production Planning

Whether you are manufacturing electronics goods or furniture, Zenscale’s Production Planning and management solution can streamline production without costing a fortune.

How Do We Help?

Our online Production Planning solution considers the various constraints of production like job orders, internal requisition, BOM and other skills so that you can create the most optimized production plan. It can help you increase machine and resource utilization, eliminate bottlenecks, reduce overtime and cycle times and more. Since all the production information is stored in cloud, you can access your production line from any location, even when you are travelling.

Save Time

Optimize key activities including production, procurement, and distribution all under the same dashboard. Capitalize on the power of automation to focus on other important areas.

Get Better Forecasting

Zenscale offers several ways to calculate and predict market demand based on sales history and manually entered information. You can generate reports in real time to get a better idea of how to optimize your production for maximum profits and minimum inventory.

Plan Material Requirements

Material Requirements Planning or MRP is one of the standard ways to balance demand and supply. Zenscale provide you with all the tools to review demand, check inventory and safety stock levels to analyze the supply before approving orders.

Give Your Business a Boost

Not Just Any Solution, It’s the Perfect Solution
So many ERP software vendors try to convince businesses who are in the production industry that they can benefit from ERP solutions that focus on accounting, expense management, etc. However, if you really want to improve production, then you need a solution that’s designed exclusively for that such as the Cloud-Based Production Planning Software by Zenscale.

  • Improve Throughput

    Give your production’s throughput a boost by optimizing workload using historical data. Track expenses for individual jobs both on the site and in the factory, and check orders and timesheets in real-time.

  • Supply Chain Planning

    Merge sales, production, inventory and purchasing information to become more demand-driven and produce items based on real demand.

  • Deficiency Tracking

    Keep an eye on rejected raw materials and products to improve quality standards and minimize losses.

  • Process Management 963

    Create and update job order details as per the requirements which are shared with the workers in one go to maintain production momentum.

  • Demand Visibility

    Increase your production’s visibility into enterprise-wide demand by consolidating forecasts and sales orders by customers and local offices into one comprehensive demand stream.

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