Refund Policy

Give you a brief about the refund policy run by Zenscale. If you are not satisfied with the products & services, you will get a refund. You can get repayment of the product within 30 days from the date you purchased it.


General Refunds, Returns, Delivery Policy and Terminating Policy

  1. Zenscale is liable to refund/replace the product in the event that the conveyed product is wrongly depicted, not the same as the one appeared in demo or does not play out the exercises it should do.
  2. You agree to give a substantial reason/verification for return alongside the points of interest of issues you are standing up to with the product.
  3. You concur that the refund procedure may require some serious energy of 15 days minimum once approved Zenscale.
  4. Zenscale will just refund to the Mastercard/Bank Account through which we received the payment from your side.
  5. You acknowledge/enable us to deduct charges bank/Mastercard Company applies on the sum we are refunding.
  6. Not reestablishing at your next expiry date will be an activity from your side to end the services.
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