“With Many Employees working at different locations, it is a challenge to manage their attendance. We cannot check if the employee is marking attendance from the designated place or not.”

Geo-Fencing in Payroll Management Software

Geo-Fencing in Payroll Management Software is your solution. Set a radius for the attendance so that employees can mark attendance only from the location.

What do companies say about Geo-Fencing in Payroll Management?

Case Study

Unique Solutions

Unique Solution has carved its niche in the Marine, Military, and Electrical Industries. They single-handedly take up contracts from any Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for marine, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical systems and ship parts pan India. They are a team of 110 employees working together to provide quality goods & services to their clients.

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Payroll Management: Your Go-To Software to Month-End Struggle

“Do you know around 40% of small business owners say that book-keeping, taxes, and payroll are the most time-consuming activities in a business? So, if your organization dreads the end of the month because of all the paperwork it brings, you are not alone.”

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