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Payroll Management

A Need for Every Growing Organization!

A payroll management system for the smoothest functioning of day-to-day activities for a resourceful and updatedoperations management methodology.


Why Use Payroll Software?

As your organization grows and employees start to step in and out of your team, HR management can quickly become disorganized. A comprehensive payroll software can help connect the dots and efficiently merge different processes of payroll management into one cohesive unit. Incorporating the payroll software into the operations management ensures smooth functioning along with fewer possibilities of man-made errors and consequent delays and deterioration of work efficiency.

Minimizes Paperwork

Tracks and simplifies data related to monthly salary information, bonuses, tax, deduction, leaves, and reduces a lot of paperwork.

Tracks Tax History

Tracks tax history effectively and calculates payroll taxes periodically so that lesser time is spent on calculating monthly payrolls.

Increases Employee Productivity

Since less amount in spent on tracking work timings, salary deduction and taxes, managers can spend more time on business development.

Manage A Diverse Workforce Effectively

From top-notch managers to the most recently joined employees—payroll software tracks every information and secures it.

Make it


The Power of Automation

Payroll software can deliver the best results by creating a culture of self-service with the support of automation.
Zenscale payroll software automates a variety of payroll-related tasks including attendance uploading, leave management, incentive management, taxation, and more!

How Do We Help?

Our payroll software is designed to make HR management watertight by minimizing human intervention. Most of the employee-related information including attendance, incentives, salaries, etc. can be managed by the system itself.


Payroll Management Done Right

Let go of the manual payroll management processes that are holding your organization back and embrace the power of cloud technology. Track salaries, expenses, attendance, etc. and do a lot more in a fraction of time that you are spending today.

All in one place

Manage all payroll tasks viz. attendance, leave management, loan management, salaries and taxes, expense management, etc. under one roof.

Safe, Secure, Fast

Making use of some of the most rigid security mechanisms in the industry today, the data of your employees and the entire organization itself is completely safe and protected against every possible threat.

User-friendly Interface

Zenscale gives you the supreme power over payroll management by covering all the appropriate tasks by making them accessible and manageable via a user-friendly interface that simplifies the otherwise complex functionality.

Why Choose Zenscale?

At Zenscale, we strongly believe in customer-centricity and designing affordable business solutions that speak for themselves. Every single product in our toolkit is engineered to make your life as a business leader easier so that you can focus on the big picture.

Attendance Synchronization

Record attendance automatically based on entry and exit times of employees and synchronize the data from any device.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Allow your employees to access the records of their attendance, payroll, etc. on the fly.

ESI & PF Challan

Offer ESI and PF challans to employees on the platform itself.


Deduct salaries on the basis of leaves, taxes, and expenses with improved accuracy and convenience.

Multiple Shifts

Track multiple shifts of multiple employees easily and accurately.


Clock every minute of overtime work for accurate payroll calculations.

Leave Management

Track leaves of all part-time and full-time employees even when they have different shifts.

Statutory Compliance

Manage HR while following the legal framework at all times.

Approval System

Approve leaves and expense reimbursements from the platform itself.

Effective Payroll Management

Zenscale payroll management software is essentially an ERP solution for HR management, but it does a lot more than that!

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  • Minimize Paperwork

    With a cloud-based payroll solution, you will never need to go through bulky files for fact-checking, reconciliation, tax calculation or salary and expense management anymore!

  • Boost Productivity

    Storing the records of employees on a cloud is an organized system for easy access and update, to generate reports in a single click for performance review, and to streamline HR management for boosted productivity.

  • Seamless Payroll Management

    A payroll management software allows both employees and HR executives to monitor the salaries, leaves taken and available, tax details, etc. ensuring higher transparency. Also, you can hire new professionals and replace employees that have exited on-the-go without worrying about paperwork and record management.

  • Save Time

    Automated attendance on the basis of entry and exit time of the employees can be put to effective use. The software enables you to create and monitor shifts and track the presence and productivity of different employees with the gate pass feature that checks their movement.

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Pay only for what you use

Worried about paying a huge price for all services even if you need just a few? Don't worry, you don't have to! We allow our customers to hand-pick the services they need and pay for them only.

Financial Accounting
750 /mon
  • Multiple Users
  • Statutory compliances
  • Ageing
  • Reminders
  • Asset Management
  • Cash Management
  • TDS
  • MM Integration
  • -
Payroll Management
750 /mon
  • Multiple Users
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Attendance Processing
  • Salary Calculation
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Leave Management
  • Pay Slips
  • Deduction
  • Shift Management
Material Management
1000 /mon
  • Automatic Round Off
  • Cash Purchase
  • Cash Sale
  • Collective BOM with Percentage
  • Consumption Setting
  • Customer Discount
  • Customize Module
  • Disallow Sales with Negative Stock Qty
Production Planning
1000 /mon
  • Production Planning
  • BOM Against Activity
  • Cash Sale
  • Collective BOM with Percentage
  • Customize Module
  • Disable Yield
  • Employee wise Confirmation
  • Ignore BOM

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