“It’s not easy to check tasks given to numerous employees and ascertain if they are delivering on time. I wish there was an automated system to track tasks & performance.”

Zenscale Task Management is your one-stop solution. With Task Management, assign, manage, check, and tracks your daily tasks from anywhere, at any time.

What do companies say about Zenscale?

Case Study

Mani Square

Mani Group is a Kolkata-based Real Estate Development Group since 1980. It was set up by Mr. Sanjay Jhunjhunwala with a simple vision – building spaces for people who believe in quality. Starting in 1980 from a one-room office and two people, today, the Group’s Corporate Office at Mani Square itself sprawls over 30,000 sq. ft., and they have over 900 people on its rolls.

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Why You Should Take Your Business To The Cloud?

“In this fast-running world where everything is just a click away, there are many who are still stuck with old traditional methods of running their businesses. Many still maintain their data on excel or use offline software, which is great at the initial level but, trouble begins when the business grows.”

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