“It’s not easy to check tasks given to numerous employees and ascertain if they are delivering on time. I wish there was an automated system to track tasks & performance.”

About Mani

Mani Group is a Kolkata-based Real Estate Development Group since 1980. It was set up by Mr. Sanjay Jhunjhunwala with a simple vision – building spaces for people who believe in quality. Starting in 1980 from a one-room office and two people, today, the Group’s Corporate Office at Mani Square itself sprawls over 30,000 sq. ft., and they have over 900 people on its rolls.

Currently, the group’s operations have spread out of Kolkata, and now its offices and footprint cover West Bengal, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Odisha. They have the vision to expand worldwide and deliver quality in construction to protect the customer’s assets over many lifetimes.

The challenge

In three and a half decades, Mani Group has carved a niche to remain passionately engaged in exceeding customer expectations and enhancing value through quality developments. They have a team of over 900 people working day & night delivering exemplary services to their customers. However, for one of their subsidiaries Mani Square Limited, they wanted an automated system where the owner can view the tasks & their progress through his Smartphone.

At Mani Square Limited, they were following a hierarchy where the owner used to assign tasks to the team leaders verbally, and the leaders deliver the same to their subordinates. Due to this, they were facing issues like:

1.Task Assignment: Verbally assigning tasks was creating much chaos amongst the owner and the teammates.

2.Task Progress:When the tasks are assignment verbally, it becomes impossible to track their progress & ascertain if the employees are working correctly.

3.Task Monitoring: There is no way of monitoring the tasks since and check if they are meeting the deadline or not.

"Verbally assigning tasks create chaos amongst the owner and the teammates. When set verbally, it becomes impossible to track employee’s progress & ascertain if they are working correctly."

Approach Followed

Mani Square Limited contacted Zenscale to seek a permanent solution. We suggested that they should automate their tasks and advised the Task Management module. We explained the module to the owner and shared ideas on how to automate his work in a click. With Task Management software, we also gave him a fully integrated mobile app through which he can assign, check, manage, and track the tasks in a click.

We streamlined their processes through Zenscale Task Management Software & App, including creating tasks & subtasks, deadlines, job orders, etc. We set filters according to the company’s requirements, enabling them to view everything on one screen and suggest changes accordingly.

With the app, they receive notifications and reminders on every task assigned, overdue, or completed. This has negated the chances of errors in the team instead has increased productivity at work with their performance calculated.


Mani Square Limited installed and implemented Task Management Software in their company for core team members. The owner devised a workflow in which he will assign the tasks to the team heads, and then all the heads will allot through the software to the subordinates. With the implementation of the software, the processes at Mani Square Limited got streamlined, and everybody got clarity regarding their duties & tasks. The module brought transparency to the system & the owner can check progress on every task, the performance of the employees, and pendencies through any device. After using Task Management, they experienced swift changes like:

  • Single-Click Creation of Tasks & Sub-Tasks
  • Automated Reports
  • Instant Notifications & Easy Reminders
  • End to End Tracking
  • Progress Records
  • Increased Productivity & Efficiency
  • Improved Performance of Employees

Mani Square Limited’s chaotic processes transformed into a well-devised, systematic workflow that helped them sort their backend and develop as a whole.

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