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Increase the Profits and Lower your Investment with Just-in-Time Inventory. Handles Barcodes, POS and material tracking. Easy Accessibility on a single cloud-based platform.


Why Choose Zenscale?

Zenscale is one of the leading companies in the cloud-based ERP solutions industry. Our main objective is to equip the modern businesses with advanced tools that are cost-effective and capable of achieving “ease of business through and through. This is exactly what our Online Material Management Software is doing today.


Connect with multiple apps and services


Inventory Transaction Detail report

Find the details of all inventory transactions in one location

Stock Balance Report

Monitor stock balance in a single click


Customer Wise Sale

Check sales details of all customers individually


Dispatch Pending Report

Review all the pending dispatches to prevent unnecessary delays


Reorder Stock Report

Stay up to date with your current stock levels


Cancel Sale Invoice Report

Review canceled sales instantly


Purchase Order Report

Check the status of purchase orders to stay on track at all times

Make it


Why Use Material Management?

You need a material management system to optimize inventory, reduce costs, and streamline supply chain operations. It can help you plan and schedule production in a way that no inventory is wasted and the final products are shipped on time. You can also connect your warehousing system with material management to create one cohesive unit that allows you to run your business with greater efficiency.


Do More in Less Time

Create materials, track purchase and control inventory with a greater efficiency is a minutes task now.

Efficient Use of Working Capital

Reduce costs by using your working capital with higher efficiency. By preventing over- inventory, you can enjoy massive savings and lower the rental costs too.

Tracking Materials Made Easier

Zenscale’s Material Management system comes with advanced features to handle raw material and inventory. So, you can make inventory replenishment faster and ensure that the production line stays operational at all times.

GST Ready

Ditch the hassle of calculating the right GST rates for different materials. The Material Management module has a built-in tax engine that can do all the work for you.

Digitize Material Management

Material planning and logistics play a huge role in value creation which is why failing to address either of these properly can drastically bring down business efficiency. With Zenscale’s ERP solutions, you can digitize your material management system and take a major step towards simplification.

How Do We Help?

The Material Management module allows you to meet all your important objectives like reducing procurement costs, minimal capital commitment in the warehouse, material tracking, sales and purchase management in the easiest way possible. You get a central database through which you can control everything from the purchase of raw material to successful shipments. Plus, you can customize the service as per your requirements on the fly.

Supply Chain Management

Use Material Management to improve supply chain management. Monitor the flow of raw materials, inventory in use, and the final product that leaves production to reach the consumer- all under the same platform.

Warehouse Management

Save precious warehouse space by optimizing materials and finished products. Get instant access to your warehouse’s inventory in real-time to plan ahead.

User-friendly interface

Material management can be quite complicated if you don’t have the right tools. With Zenscale’s ERP solution, you can simplify all the processes with a neat and organized dashboard that can be accessed from any computer.

Increased Efficiency

When you are able to verify and approve invoices on the go and implement consumption based planning and then you can achieve boosted efficiency which reflects in savings and cash flow.

Material Management Simplified

Our Material Management module allows you to balance the supply and demand of all components so that the cash flow is at the optimum level all the times. You can create & keep a check on materials, keep an eye on dead inventory, maintain and update vendor information on the go, and do a lot more to stay on top of your business.

  • MRP

    Use Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) to enhance and bolster your company’s logistics. Connect your warehousing management system with your delivery schedule to push efficiency and purchase orders.

  • Automated Taxation

    Don’t let the changing GST rates and rules come in the way of running your business. Our material management solution uses its own tax engine that’s constantly updated in the back end so that you can focus on fulfilling orders rather than adjusting the taxes.

  • Effortless Scheduling and Resourcing

    Streamline your work order scheduling and activity planning through a comprehensive and centralized system. Enable automated inventory planning on the basis of demand forecasts. Track sales, consignments, and outsourced tasks to all your vendors in one location.

  • Inventory Life Cycle Management

    Analyze the performance of all the materials in your catalog to optimize inventory management. Identify the most and least in-demand materials easily to avoid unwanted spilling of resources. You can also use database dashboard to record and maintain the inflow and outflow of materials with respect to different clients and vendors.

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