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Zenscale Material Management

A Comprehensive Logistics Tracking System That Drives Results

Monitor, control and direct inventory balances for every sock and boost turnover visibility across the organization with better accuracy and lower costs


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Zenscale Material Management

Efficient Material Management.

Record Material | Manage Supply Chain | Quality Control

Zenscale’s supply chain software incorporates logistics tracking to follow the transfer of materials from manufacturer to consumer. It manages all the areas that are part of the supply chain. Inventory management software maintains a complete record of purchase order details and vendor information. It enables warehouse management and logistics tracking with independent dates and locations for materials and services. Critical information of each product is maintained by the inventory tracker including item name, number, description and commodity code. The ERP software module helps you control the purchase, delivery and tracking of materials in the most efficient manner. The cloud based inventory control software provides real-time inventory report and enables automated procurement and storing with accurate inventory management. It gives access to a master database containing all materials for adequate warehouse management.

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Real-time inventory report

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Cloud based inventory management

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