"Trapping actual raw material and consumables used during the production process is a major challenge directly affecting the costing and profitability of the product."

Sampling is the perfect solution

Sampling means creating a sample & then generating a complete database by linking the image of the sample along with the material/components used and their quantity.

What do companies say
about Sampling?

Case Study

Shingora Textiles Limited

Shingora Textiles Limited was incepted back in 1976 with a vision to bring the finest quality, traditional and contemporary textiles to modernise the women’s wardrobes. Infusing radical & innovative fashion, Shingora, turned handloom-driven manufacturing into a digitised, system-driven industry.

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Why is Sampling necessary to boost Company Growth?

Sampling is one of the crucial parts of the manufacturing process. It helps get orders from the buyer with its representation of the manufacturer's or exporter's potential to create & deliver desired outputs.

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