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Do you face these issues?

There is no way you can track assigned work and inter-departmental tasks?

You do not have a tool to assess performances on the basis of consistency and work done.

You are executing tasks in a haphazard manner and there is no interactive platform for assigning or approving tasks and setting priorities.

No chain of command is being followed while assigning tasks along a hierarchy.

You still jot down to-do lists on paper and are dependent on spreadsheets for making reports

Needless to say, you require an integrated task- management tool to effectively plan your group work and self-work.
team management software

Manage Team Efficiently

Create Collaborate Track

Performance-based Analytic

It is proven that performance analyses promote a healthy competitive spirit in teams.

To – Do List

The To-Do list intelligently picks up tasks and queues them up chronologically according to your priorities.

Multi-User, Multi-Device

Gives freedom to use on all types of devices (PC, mobile, laptop, tabs)

Hierarchy & Flow

Employee Task management systems give emphasis to the company Hierarchy and organizational flow.

Secure Cloud Storage

All your reports, uploaded files, data and settings remain intact and stored on cloud providing privacy, security and huge storage space. You never lose any data.

It’s Easy

The right online task management app for your team is the one that uncomplicates planning and execution. Simplicity is key

Get Notified

You and your team will never miss a deadline! It always notifies you and keeps you in the loop.

Share With Family & Colleagues

ZenTask is flexible enough to let family or friends add tasks to give your personal and professional to-do lists at one place.

View the ZenTask Dashboard

Get a peep into the software to see how companies utilize this smart task management tool
to build a culture of open teamwork where they can collaborate in real-time to reach organizational goals.

Case Studies By ZenTask

See how these companies changed the way their teams worked - by
managing less and doing more

Task Management App
Online Task Management Tools
team task management

Name of Company : Arora Garments - a big retail garment store

Problem : Mr Arora, the owner, employs about 60 workers. He has to travel a lot for business. While travelling , he often got cut-off from his business and had no way of tracking whether his employees were doing the scheduled tasks that they were supposed to do or not.

Solution : Zenscale implemented task management application for workers and the owner

Result : Even when Mr Arora was away, he and his team were able to

  • Create New Task
  • Track Them
  • Get Due or Overdue Task Alert
  • Submit and Close Tasks Even On Mobile

Name of Company : Shingora Textiles Limited, CEO

Problem : Mr Amit Jain, the owner of a Textile company in Ludhiana, employs about 1000 employees. His business is very diversified. He faced the issue of not getting interdepartmental reporting. Also, departments were working isolatedly and not in coordination. He wanted a functionality with which he could remain updated about work in each department on an interactive platform.

Solution : Zenscale implemented the task management application for workers and for Mr jain.

Result : Mr Jain could get work done and tracked, at one place. He and his managers could create and delegate work to teams in a way that work was on schedule and workers were not wasting time in doing unimportant tasks. Productive tasks were prioritised, thereby increasing collaboration, yield and profits.

Name of Company : Alpha IT solutions

Problem : Project Mismanagement - Mr Ashish Nayyar, the owner of an IT company in Noida, owns a customized Mobile App Development company. The company employs 25 project managers and each project manager handles around 6-10 projects based upon their capability. Neither the project manager was able to track the enhancements as requested by their clients nor was Mr Nayyar able to track the work that kept his team busy throughout the month. This resulted in delayed deliveries and client dissatisfaction.

Solution : ZenTask was recommended for streamlining project work and meeting deadlines via To-Do lists.

Result : With the implementation of ZenTask:

  • Project managers were able to track the projects and monitor their delivery status. This resulted in clients’ satisfaction.
  • Project managers could communicate through comment box on a particular project
  • Mr Nayyar was able to have a well-defined dashboard to check daily progress and performance analysis of his project managers.
team project management software

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