“Raw Material, Semi-finished goods, and Final Products without any assigned number act as the biggest obstacle in deliveries and supplies. It’s a challenge to find suitable material on time.”

About Bharat Exports

Bharat Exports is a footwear manufacturing company in Maharashtra. Working for years, they are the industry pioneers and deal in a wide range of footwear for men and women. They also work for big giants and High-end brands like Peter England, Allen Solly, etc. Having a turnover of Rs 7 crore approximately, Bharat Exports is an SME with around 60-80 employees. Being a footwear manufacturer, their production process depends on the order received, size, colour, pattern, and design. They wanted an automated system to decrease confusion and increase productivity at work.

The challenge

As a manufacturer, you get various orders along with specifications related to colour, style, size, and pattern. Bharat Exports was facing difficulty in managing their inventory with many factors involved. Earlier, they were using in-house inventory software, but it was not solving their purpose. Bharat Exports was looking for software through which they can assign a code to their raw material according to color, size, and pattern, and then generate orders according to requirement. Also, they wanted to manage the employee wages in production for each process and add Images of products for their record and future reference. They were using a manual system for their company and were troubled with the management of inventory & were also missing the record of orders procured according to design.Bharat Exports contacted Zenscale to discuss the matter & automate their processes at work. They expressed that they want a system that can segregate their products according to attributes, and they can check the quantity, production process with a single click.

"We were looking for software to assign a code to the raw material according to color, size, and pattern and then generate orders according to requirement."

Bharat Exports

Approach Followed

Zenscale followed its standard procedure and conducted an in-depth demonstration with Bharat Exports. Understanding their issue, Zenscale offered Material Management & Production Planning module to the company and assigned a training executive for end-to-end training of the client’s team & proper implementation of the software.The training executive devised the software according to the attributes and assigned a code to every material according to color, pattern, & design. They gave a number to every Article (Finished and Raw), Style, Design, Patter, and set filters for easy search. We also designed a dispatch process for the company to take orders without any hassle & dispatch will be automated by the software. We made every process article-wise & gave training to their employees for every step. We devised a flow and trained the team in 3 sessions to run the software efficiently & automate their production. Apart from these, we also showed a catalogue feature where we uploaded images of their products. Set a standard Bill Of Material (BOM) for every finished good and trained them to customize it according to the job order


Bharat Exports wanted immediate & swift implementation of software in the company to fasten its processes. Zenscale completed the work in 3 sessions and automated the entire inventory & production planning. After training the employees, the manual working model was eliminated & their capacity to take up more bulk orders increased. With automation, they started to grow their business worldwide & saw 30% overall growth. Their team immediately understood the software and is now working on it without compromising other essential business plans. They were delighted & satisfied with the training team’s professionalism, grip on work, speed, and knowledge.

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