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From Procurement to Payment

Accelerate The Purchase Management

Approval Complete Cycle Management

Cloud-based Purchase order system gives any type of business more control over finances. Automating the P2P process is a gateway towards building an efficient workflow.


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Built With Intuitive Insight. Born Out Of Need.

Zenscale has years of excellence & experience, providing practical and affordable business solutions for accomplishing the ease of business. Unplanned and ambiguous purchase is one of the pain areas that we aim to improve with this module.

Procure To Pay Features

Connect with multiple apps and services


Purchase Order

Fast track the creation and sharing of planned orders. Owning an online purchase order management application lets you seamlessly plan, make & monitor the status of each order on the fly.

Purchase Approvals

Approval is a key control for internal compliance. Get smooth & fast workflow by using our cloud based purchase order system. It notifies managers and presents comparisons with previous procurements.


Purchase Invoicing

Post your purchase invoices to Accounts using PO gate verification and store receipt. This makes accuracy, security & auditing as a part of the process, eliminating fraudulence and duplicate entries.


Gate Receiving

Gate receiving feature makes sure that every incoming of goods in your company is tied to an invoice by a vendor and to stock in the inventory. From the gate receipt, one can trace how the material has arrived to your unit.


Store Receiving

This functionality is important for quality checks and other warehouse operations such as internal transfers. Store Receiving mentions the exact details to track the quantity, value and location of each inventory item.


Account Clearing

Imagine the time wasted in mapping out approvers or requesters for vendor payables. Automated authorized reconciliation is initiated by communicating to the accounting system for clearing.


Bill-to-Bill Payment

Get rid of fraudulent vendor invoicing via GL code allocation & payment. Automate sending authorized invoices to your accounting software for payment with vendor ID and amount payable.


Vendor Ageing

The vendor ageing sorts the unpaid invoices with the time period outstanding. It categorizes suppliers based on the respective time buckets of payment terms (e.g. 30 days or a week).


Vendor Management

Easily manage your suppliers with categorical database specifying agent, pricing, payables or location. Swiftly make POs, payments or invite quotations besides evaluating performance.


Vendor Pricing Agreement

Set up vendors records on pricing terms on an agreed upon price, quality and time period. The software picks up data to help in negotiation and to take advantage of opportunities.

Make it


Why Use Purchase Management Software?

The software is excellent to handle your day-to-day purchases, packed with essential features for any business, small or midsize. It follows the buying protocol of your enterprise and streamlines the procure-to-pay process, including approvals based on internal compliance. Be rest assured that each and every order is necessary, justified and optimized for costs.


Link Purchase To Inventory

Now every PO would be linked to inventory control so that you can access stock quantities &consumption trends. Centrally manage multiple locations and branches. Customize reorder level for each item and get alerts when these levels are triggered.

Say Goodbye To Spread Sheets, Manual Forms & Slow Approvals

Material management module not only digitizes purchase but makes it extremely efficient, faster and accurate while arraying the approval process too. It has been crafted to make things handy, simple and cost saving for small or medium businesses.

Manage The Entire Purchase Flow In A Single App

From material unloading to Invoice Clearing, the entire P2P cycle is aligned in a single application. Getting approvals, accounts clearing or making gate passes, all gets done in this module. No risk of double-handling or a need for other softwares.

Create, Monitor & Maintain

For effectual control, the system functions as a purchase order tracking software to monitor the procurement to payment process in real-time. You can create, check status, and maintain key information of your orders, ensuring that each order is authorized.

Complete Purchasing Management System

Expertly carry out the entire purchasing process for your company, starting from low inventory, planning, requisition, orders to bill payments.

  • Scalable Plans To Suit You And Your Business

    Get all the benefits of a high-end system, without having to dole out large sums of money. We offer highly competent pricing, No upfront costs with the added advantage of multiple users within the plan.

  • Save Hours Of Time

    The purchase functionality and features are remarkable and take a big workload off by saving hours of time every week so that you can focus on the bigger picture as well.

  • Simplified Interface For Small & Medium Enterprise

    Experience the awesomeness of working in the cloud with real-time sync, data integration

  • Automatic Pricing Control

    Select the PO type and get options for enabling discount at header or item level


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