“There are many processes & workforce employed at work. If I could automate the processes & create a simpler structure for employees to enhance productivity.”

About Surya Springs

Surya Springs are the leading manufacturers of springs, wireframes, and sheet metal components and have been running the business since 1990. The company also deals in coil springs, compression springs, torsion springs, extension springs, wireframes, sheets, metal components, & CNC Turned Parts. From a proprietorship to an MSME with 100+ employees, the company has grown by leaps and bounds with dedication, hard work, and commitment. Over the years, Surya Springs won the trust of its clients from a gamut of industries all over India.

The challenge

Established in 1990, Surya Springs handled its payrolls manually, which was smooth in the initial years, but as the company grew, issues started popping up. From one person to a 100 employee company, their central point of concern was managing salaries and dues.

The primary issue they were facing was:

They were facing issues with:

Excel sheets:

Manual marking and calculation was a tedious task. They wanted to manage the entire payroll with software


Managing the attendance, leaves, holidays, shifts, and short leaves

Multiple Branches:

Attendance of employees working at multiple branches.

Online Attendance:

In the wake of Covid-19, they wanted to innovate their system and look for a complete Mobile app to mark attendance via smartphones. Aiming to resolve multiple problems through one solution, they contacted Zenscale to introduce automation into their company.

From one person to a 100 employee company, our central point of concern is managing salaries and dues. Some employees are working at different locations, some are doing shifts, and then some part-time - Managing manually is practically becoming tedious.

"With different rules & regulations, we require a comprehensive system to manage payrolls and create a strategy to centralize the attendance and have a record of employee’s attendance in one place."

Surya Springs

Approach Followed

Understanding their core issues, we suggested Payroll Management Software and Mobile App to Surya Springs. Our Payroll Management module is a complete solution for all kinds of salary-related matters. It has inbuilt features which automate Salary calculation keeping statutory compliances, taxes, advances, shifts, and dues in mind. We also provided Surya Springs a comprehensive Payroll App compatible with most mobile devices. Through Payroll software and app, we solved their prevailing issues by:
-Automatic update of the Attendance
- Data Storage at One Place
- Data Security
- Increase in Transparency


As a result of implementing Payroll Management in their company, Surya Springs’ streamlined their payroll processes. They automated their system by devising a rule of online attendance for all sorting the backend chaos. They saw a substantial increase in employees’ productivity, enthusiasm, and trust. Now, HR directly calculates the salaries through software that is visible to the employees. They check their shift timings, deductions, advances & dues, ensuring transparency in the organization. The HR shared that now their workload has been minimized, and the team is working efficiently. Instead of handling these attendance woes, the core members are leading the company towards growth.

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