Some of your Questions:

Q. Is our product really costlier than others?

No, in fact, it helps you save on other costs like installation, separate PC framework, servers etc. Our charges are as per the number of additional features we provide to our clients. No doubt in saying that our software is richer than others in terms of features not cost.

Q. Why to bear monthly charges?

Our services are similar to the other service providers like, Airtel, Vodafone, bank charges for your account in a bank etc. to whom you pay on a monthly basis. The concept is similar to paying any other service provider on a monthly basis.

Q. Is using an online payroll secure for my data?

Of course, yes! We use 256 SSL data encryption. These are the same security features that are being used by various nationalized and private banks in the country.

Q. What will be the data storage location?

Currently we are using Amazon web servers based in the U.S.A that lets us commit a 100% secure and error-free service.

Q. Need to try it first.

Sure, try our low-priced trial now and experience the effectiveness of the software yourself.

Q. Server issues in big companies.

Using a Cloud-based software for your company can help you to cut the hardware cost, support, and the people requirement to manage and prevent hacking.

Q. If internet issues occur then how will it work?

What do you do when any internet issue makes you unable to access social media or emails over your laptop or computer system? You switch to your mobile data. Correct? The same can be done to access our online payroll software in case any internet issue occurs. Since we are offering 24/7 access from any web browser, our software can be accessed using mobile data also, in case of any internet issue.

Q. Entrepreneurs don’t want to switch their old software due to data switching, which is next to impossible.

Switching the data in Zenscale software is the game of a single click with its easy data import option with which you can switch all the data at once.

Q. How do I create/add new users on zenscale?

Switching the data in Zenscale software is the game of a single click, with its easy data import option with which you can switch all the data at once.

Q. What if down the line it is not proficient?

One does not need to be familiar with technology to operate our software. It is designed in a manner that even a non-technical person can easily understand and access. Moreover, guidance for using each and every module is available in both, text and video formats.

Q. I am prone to Cloud Service nervousness.

One should not consider himself prone to cloud service nervousness as surely, you are openly sharing your data via emails and are frequently using social networking sites that have all your personal information on the cloud.

Q. Options to upload data.

Our Excel File uploading option is unbeatable and it allows you to enter bulk data at once.

Q. What is access to data by Zenscale?

Zenscale itself has no access to your data since the usernames and passwords are created by you and known to you only. The usernames and passwords are saved in an encrypted form.

Q. Dashboard value in Zenscale?

Zenscale Dashboard is a single platform to view multiple daily reports in a graphical manner. It is specially designed for those owners who like to keep a close check on the daily performance of the business.

Q. What if I don’t know that how to use the computer and internet?

Having technical knowledge to operate Zenscale is a complete Myth. Our software is for both technical and non-technical people. The design interface is very simple to understand. Moreover, we provide easy videos to understand the working of each Zenscale software module.