“Identifying the stage of Production is a real challenge.We could not modify the bill of material nor check at which stage production is going on.”

About Papertex

Originated in 2014, Papertex Specialty Chemicals Pvt Ltd was started in Punjab with a vision to manufacture and supply quality chemicals for paper and water treatments. They deal in a wide range of chemicals, including paper chemicals for sizing, retention aid, fixatives, defoamers, fillers, wet strength & dry strength chemicals used in the paper industry. Aiming to deliver nothing but the best, they are equipped with high-tech machinery, infrastructure, and over 150 member staff to look after every process & activity. However, talking about the backend processes, they were troubled with a few challenges which needed immediate attention & corrective actions.

The challenge

Some of the major challenges faced by the owner were:

  • In their manufacturing process, they require particular materials for the completion of the product. However, in their previous system, they were unable to track the stock available in the storage.
  • They could not procure accurate reports on how much material is left in the stock and when they should re-order.
  • Due to a lack of knowledge on stock, the owner was having difficulty in generating immediate purchase orders of specific materials required for order fulfillment.
  • With these challenges, there was a significant delay in orders that directly affected the company’s profits, causing issues in the growth of the company.

" In the manufacturing process, we need particular materials for the completion of the product. However, in the previous system, we are unable to track the stock available in the storage."

Approach Followed

As Papertex Specialty Chemicals Pvt Ltd approached Zenscale, firstly, we conducted a discovery or need analysis session to understand their core problems. Post the session, we devised some suitable solutions for the company and suggested Material Management & Production Planning modules to streamline their work. In addition, we also explained & advised some of the brilliant features like Material Requirement Planning, Job Order Confirmation, Attributes, Stock Report for their ease.

Material Management & Production Planning modules directly automated the processes and brought clarity to the owner. Material Requirement Planning, Confirmation, and Report features helped them calculate the materials and components required in the product’s manufacturing process. It aligns & tracks the materials and helps in the planning of production without any hassle.

Papertex owner specifically shared that he wanted to check his stock consumption on his smartphone, so we suggested ZenConsumption and ZenConfirmation apps. We also gave other android-based apps as an add-on to the owner so that he can tap into his business through his smartphone.

Through these services, they can now:
  • Take inventory of the materials and components on hand.
  • Identify the additional stock requirement.
  • Check the quantity of the stock and generate the PO directly.
  • Establish a hierarchy of Job Orders which can be viewed on the dashboard.
  • Create multiple bills of material (BOM) against job orders.


With the implementation of Zenscale modules, he can track the exact value of physical stock & has also set the re-order level for purchase.

As soon as the stock hits the re-order level, he gets a notification via mail/app/Whatsapp, and he put the PO according to requirement. This further eliminated the issue of extra purchase and saved the blockage of capital abundantly.

Papertex Specialty Chemical Pvt Ltd expressed that they made the best decision to choose cloud-based software that opened varied possibilities to work, brought transparency in the system, and improvements in their processes.

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