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Facing difficulty in maintaining the stock level in the warehouse. Multiple Orders of the same product is creating chaos for the team & the vendors.

About Bell Fluid

Bell Fluid Technics Private Limited are the manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Hydraulic equipment since 1996. Incepted in the 90s, the company has a turnover of Rs 30 Crore approximately and has 50 dedicated engineers amongst others. Based in Mumbai, they began with some of the vital equipment, including:

  • Industrial Oil Coolers
  • Relief Modular Valves
  • Reducing Modular Valves
  • Pressure Control Valves
  • Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Gear Pumps HGP Series

Bell Fluid Technics Private Limited has carved a respectable place in the market and is widely known for its high-end quality, accurate dimensions & designs, durability, reliability, and precision engineering. They deal in various industries like Plastic, Machine Tool Pressing, Ground Support Equipment, Construction, Special Purpose Machines, etc.

The challenge

Being an equipment manufacturers & supplier, Bell Fluid Technics Private Limited supplies its products worldwide. However, they were facing some challenges which needed immediate attention and correction:

  • Unable to track the production stage of the finished product.
  • Difficulty in maintaining the stock level in the warehouse.
  • While preparing excel, sometimes wrong figures are entered leading to incorrect orders & confusion in the production process.
  • Multiple Orders of the same product create chaos for the team & the vendors.
  • Unable to make changes in the Bill of Material.

Struggling with these issues, Bell Fluid Technics Pvt Ltd decided to automate its processes to plan, analyze, and control in a better manner. They approached Zenscale for their queries & post need analysis session; our team suggested appropriate solutions.

"While preparing excel, sometimes wrong figures are entered leading to incorrect orders & confusion in the production process"

Approach Followed

Understanding their core issues, we suggested particular features of our ERP Software, which acted as permanent problem-solvers for Bell Fluid Technics Pvt Ltd. Material Requirement Planning (MRP) is the major highlight of this case study.

In the Need-Analysis Session, we understood that they need to streamline their working and need a tool through which they can directly enter stock details and place orders.

Material Requirement Planning (MRP) is a powerful operations tool that calculates materials and components required in the product’s manufacturing process. It aligns & tracks the materials and helps in the planning of production. In addition, this tool allowed the user to create Purchase Orders directly, generate combined job orders for standard components, and manage BOM with a click.

For better functioning and easy usage, we also offered Android-based applications:

ZenConsumption to ascertain the consumption of the raw material for production purposes to save time & receive quick responses.

ZenConfirmation to track their production & ongoing processes to obtain real-time reports.

ZenInventory for a complete analysis of the stock in their warehouse.


Satisfied with Zenscale modules and features, Bell Fluid Technics Private Limited automated their systems. With Material Requirement Planning, they could find the stock available at different locations on their dashboard

Some of the significant developments they made:

  • Automated their Stock-in and Stock-out entries.
  • Maintained the stock by setting re-order level & by creating POs, Job Orders through MRP.
  • Began creating single job order for a component required in multiple bulk bookings.
  • They streamlined their production processes by assigning duties directly through the apps.
  • Instead of using pen & paper or excel for stock purchases, they started using MRP tools, nullifying the chances of wrong entries to the vendors.

    • Bell Fluid Technics Private Limited shared that with these few yet vital changes in their processes, they experienced a 50% enhancement in their productivity, a 20% increase in their daily processes pace, and improved supplies. They expressed that earlier, they were tired of late deliveries, but with automation in business processes all the orders are planned, executed, and delivered on or sometimes before time.