The technology trio: ERP, AI and Cloud

The constantly evolving technological landscape is making it mandatory for businesses to capitalize on new digital models and leverage the combined power of robust technologies such as ERP, AI (artificial intelligence), and Cloud.

Laying the foundation by Integrating AI and Cloud into your businesses' ERP systems will pay high dividends in the future. Incorporating AI within the business strategy of an organization is also crucial as it can bring several benefits, including-

  • Accessing all of the business data within the cloud-based ERP system
  • Analyzing huge data-sets in real-time
  • Generating reports in record time
  • Predicting future trends

In this post, we are going to explore how integrating these technologies- ERP, AI, and Cloud- can help you maximize value for your business.

Ways in which Artificial Intelligence will Improve ERP Systems

Artificial intelligence is a beneficial technology when it comes to extending a cloud-based ERP system's technological capability. If used optimally, AI can improve both the internal management structure as well as create a smarter technology infrastructure (using intelligent software applications) to optimize the business processes.

Here are the top 3 ways AI can improve the cloud-based ERP systems in an organization.

1. Automation of data

Entering data manually into the ERP system is a cumbersome process for many companies as it involves a lot of resources in terms of both cost and workforce. Furthermore, such manual data entry procedures are prone to a lot of typing errors.

Artificial intelligence, combined with ERP, can not only learn from the various data sources and create workflows, but they can also reduce the errors & time taken to load the data.

Also, the business gets better prediction accuracy when it implements a cloud-based ERP. This is achieved by the high-quality data used by a self-learning system based on AI and ML technologies.

2. Increased productivity

The combination of AI, ERP, and cloud can be transformational in improving the overall business processes. Harnessing the power of AI, the systems will be able to analyze the historical data along with providing suggestions on the more effective internal work processes.

A cloud-based ERP with AI capabilities can also compare present incidents with past data, followed by generating reports that can be used for predicting the product-related problems that can arise in the future.

For example, AI can be used to read an existing workflow pattern to be able to perform the next task effortlessly. Additionally, AI is also capable of providing the necessary information needed to complete that particular task continuously. This leads to optimized processes and streamlined workflows without any errors.

With self-learning knowledge provided by AI and Cloud, an ERP system turns much smarter. This kind of self-learning capability, added to ERP with the cloud, accelerates the entire system’s quick learning.

3. Better decision making

An ERP system, used by any business, is primarily used to improve efficiency and streamline workflow to make better decisions concerning various areas of business, from production and manufacturing to even strategy. Integrating AI to a businesses' ERP system can improve these functionalities manifolds by analyzing massive datasets.

Furthermore, AI can also read historical data to learn about previous behavioral patterns for better decision making.

Moreover, AI can quickly identify processes that are unproductive and are using a high amount of resources. Predictive diagnostics, powered by AI, can further reduce the need for test runs, thereby also contributing positively towards energy usage and wasted resources.

Parting Thoughts

Developers across the world today are experimenting with ERP systems by including next-gen capabilities based on AI, ML, and Cloud. These robust technologies are making ERP software development much smarter than before and are helping in reshaping businesses, making them more efficient and profitable.

However, finding and implementing the appropriate cloud ERP software solution, that embeds Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within its core offering, is crucial as it can be instrumental for the long-term growth of any business.

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