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Task Management: Keep Track of What’s Important

Imagine you log into your work email & there are numerous emails from clients regarding product details, processes, deadlines, and delivery. Then, you realize you have a 3-hour meeting with your seniors and have no time to check the mails. A manager/entrepreneur has to deal with such a situation every day. Juggling from task to task, attending calls, and guiding the subordinates is a part of their daily tasking.

Managing a task isn’t just about a simple to-do list, but it is all about prioritizing them, organizing the processes, and meeting the deadlines for which you need a complete & full-fledged plan. That's called task management. It is the process of allotting a task, understanding the process, monitoring the work through various stages from start to finish.

With increasing business and workforce, Task Management has become an inevitable process for the smooth-running of any organization. This is where Zenscale Task Management comes into the picture.

It is a cloud-based task/list manager that allows you to keep track of your tasks. It includes giving team members jobs and responsibilities that match their abilities and interests.

Here’s how ZenTask can help you manage tasks with ease:

A Comprehensive Dashboard

The easiest way to manage tasks is if they are visible on the screen. ZenTask has a comprehensive dashboard for its users where you can divide your tasks into due, overdue, completed, upcoming, unassigned, submitted, and hold categories. You can also check the task status, assignment, submission & deadline, which means all the reporting on a single page.

Organizational Flow

In Task Management software, you can automatically create a hierarchical flow, including the heads & the subordinates, while allotting the tasks. The bonus point is that a task will only close after the submission creating transparency in the team & the spirit to complete work on time. ZenTask is a complete software where task management is done by maintaining a proper hierarchical flow.

ERP Integrated Flow

In an organization, different processes require the indulgence of various departments, and integrating them is quite a challenge for the entrepreneur. The task management software ZenTask has brought a permanent solution by creating a flow connecting the modules. For Example: If there is a production task, you can directly assign it to the employee via Task Management, and he will receive a notification for the same. It will also get submitted automatically & will reflect in the dashboard.

Stay Notified At Every Step

One of the issues managers face is informing the employees about their daily jobs & duties. With Task Management, you can easily create a task with three employees, assign the task, define their roles & state a deadline for the same. In the software, various subtasks can also be created for the employees where you can tag them with instructions & the software will notify them via email & Whatsapp.

Email & Whatsapp Integration

With the invention of Smartphones & especially Whatsapp, everybody likes to do work at their fingertips. ZenTask allows the users to integrate their emails & Whatsapp with the software to create a task via mail or message automatically. Simply type a task tagging the concerned person on your mail or Whatsapp & the task management software will reflect the job itself. Isn’t that effortless?

Sub Task Generation

Sometimes a task includes various processes & employees from different departments. To solve this, the software comes to your aid where you can create as many subtasks as you want along with employees, their departments, and deadlines. Through this feature, you can also departmentalize the work by creating groups & raise a ticket with a grace period for its completion.

So, how about starting your day with less load and more peace? Automate your work & Increase your productivity with Task Management.

Some of the renowned entrepreneurs including Sunil Chaudhary of Freemans Group India, Ludhiana, Pooja Chawla of Gats India Limited, Punjab, also tried their hands on ZenTask and were extremely happy & satisfied with the product. They shared that not only their stress reduced but with proper delegation & streamlining of work, their productivity also increased.