Easy To Use Task Management Software Tool For Organizations

Teamwork skills are important in every field of business. They empower you to be productive both as an individual and a group. The teams of today are not like those in the past. They’re more dispersed, digital, and varied. In any organization, skilful management of diverse teams down to each core worker is required. In recent times task management has emerged as a powerful tool in the implementation of a goal-oriented team management. Individual tasks are like the scattered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Task management software is that solution which places all the pieces of the jigsaw in their correct position to make a perfect picture.

The Importance Of Task Management Tools

It is reported that most workers spend only 40% of their time doing productive work, broadly. This includes all working people, whether they are employers or are employed. It is not that they are idling around but any activity that does not convert into revenue has a questionable efficacy. From the employer’s point of view, work needs to be productive apart from being useful. No matter which jobs people are involved in, it directly or indirectly affects the company’s revenues. Does it mean that nearly half the time and effort gets wasted every day? Why does this happen?

Most managers complain that it’s not practical to keep a constant vigil and important work suffers, especially when they are away. The employees too are caught in an all-time struggle in balancing tasks and proving their usefulness to the organization. A company needs to to devise a system which not only assigns work to employees in a systematic way but is also instrumental in increasing efficiency and assessing performances. Business professionals use Task management software tools by ZenTask for multiple purposes.

This provides a powerful web based podium to achieve goals, organize teamwork to follow a chain of collaboration and coordination coupled with accurate reporting and tracking.

Deploying ZenTask management software

ZenTask is a cloud based online software application for task management. It gives you easy access with a login password. As you login to your account, you are provided with a dashboard that displays schedules, checklists, and statuses. It follows each task through its journey from creation to completion. It broadly divides tasks as My Tasks and Team Tasks to give precise information about activities you and your team are involved in. Each team worker becomes a ‘user’ or ‘sub-user’ according to the workflow.

In such a simple way, it connects each worker to his team and each team to other teams. ZenTask is a positive method of micromanagement. It provides to-do lists to employees, eliminates confusion and builds up a healthy competitive spirit.

A Host Of Useful Features

1. Groups - This divides all users the way you want. It could be according to department, branch or divisions. It defines a pre-emptive working of teams.

2. Recurrent Tasks- There are several everyday jobs which are carried out regularly on a periodic basis. Weekly meetings, sales reports, salary sheets and so on. With recurrent task feature, you need to create them only once and allocate a frequency and due date. These tasks will then reappear on their own after the previous one is closed, without having to assign again!

3. Hold Bin- Storing tasks in the hold bin ensures that you never forget important chores that have been postponed for a reason. It is useful when one cannot assign definite dates.

4. Hierarchy & Flow- ZenTask helps you emphasise a hierarchal workflow for your organization. When you add users in a group they attain a sub-user or sub-sub user status. Tasks may only be delegated to a sub-user on your team. This defines the sequence of assignment, reinforces an organizational flow and removes all creases. You can make your customized flow to suit specific needs.

5. Reminders n Alerts- Having a task management application constantly keeps you in touch with your work progress and deadlines. Customized reminders ensure that employees never miss any deadlines. Preference can be given to email or app notifications.

6. Mobile App- All features are available on an android app for mobile accessibility.

7. Actionable Chat- Conversations and files can be added to a Task ID by the team players involved in it. There is no need to use any other application to upload files or to chat. All conversations are actionable

8. Reports and Graphical Analytics- Gone are the days when one had to make reports in spreadsheets or do a manual analysis of performances. ZenTask generates all reports, charts and analytics to give a bird view of company progress.

Positive Effects Of Task Management Software Are Phenomenal

It is a system that not only assigns work to workers in a systematic way but also is effectual in increasing output and weighing performances. It follows a task throughout its cycle.

Easily Manage Remote Workers and Branches – It is a web-based application so it can centrally manage work across departments, branches and divisions. Also, remote workers are also taken in the loop for active involvement.

Performance-Based Analytics- Graphics and charts are always on display. Inbuilt feature for employee and department wise assessments.

Removes Chaos- Everything gets streamlined. All the nitty-gritty is handled by the software. It notifies workers of tasks details and updates to progress on the dashboard. Everything gets organized.

Visual Collaboration - A progressive culture of open teamwork is built. The software integrates and visually displays all activities in one place. Companies prefer transparency to build a culture of teamwork where they can collaborate comprehensively on a single interactive platform.

Getting Rid of Spreadsheets and Diaries- When managers use spread sheets to track their team’s activities, it becomes burdensome and laborious for all teammates. Everything from to-do lists to reports is tailor-made.

Lead A Business To Its Success

All enterprises are nothing but a network of teams. The core functionality of teams can be enhanced a great deal with effective task execution. Collaborative and interactive task management lays the foundation of a successful business. Whether big or small, it is an absolute must-have for all enterprises.

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