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Component Planning: A Proposition to Manufacturer’s Biggest Concern

A survey was conducted where leading bizmen, wholesalers, retailers, and entrepreneurs were asked about the problems they face in their daily working. Every business owner came up with his own set of issues relating to their industry. Interestingly, some points were common, relatable, and required urgent attention. One of the most familiar issues was Production Planning & its Management.

Getting bulk orders is what every business owner wants but creating a job order for every order is tedious. Isn’t it? To solve this problem permanently, Zenscale has brought a fabulous feature called Component Planning.

Component planning is the process of optimizing resources in the manufacturing process and creating one purchase order. It automates the calculation of component requirements and curates result in Demand Planning’s Purchase Plans. It not only manages the production process but also sets a plan for efficient & smooth working.

With Component Planning, you can:

  • Generate Collective Job Order for multiple clients requiring similar product.
  • Assign one Purchase Order.
  • Procure Raw Material effortlessly.

Apart from these significant benefits, Component Planning offers a wide array of other services to the users which streamline their processes & help in easy tracking of the purchases.

If you are tired of ill-managed stock and wish to save your time & money, then this is a small yet essential step you should take. Zenscale’s Production Planning Software provides you with a feature of Component Planning which is well-detailed yet easy to use. It will decrease your workload & will smoothen your processes by defining a system you can rely upon. So, are you ready to make a shift?