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Enterprise Resource Planning software is considered as the key to managing material, money, market, manpower, and other enterprise tasks. But, sadly, most of the businesses still struggle to make ends meet or so the research says. According to a McGladery survey, 54% of businesses believe that they are either changing or upgrading their ERP systems all the time. While an ERP system should be streamlining ongoing tasks, the on-premises ERPs are leading to increasing costs and more administrative activities.

Using the cloud-based ERP solution in India can lower business costs and reduce the need for regular system maintenance. Let’s see how.

Understanding Cloud ERP

The cloud-based ERP or Software as a Service, is a system that allows businesses to access applications through computing resources shared over the internet. Since these resources use the cloud, these are stored at a remote location or data center where various applications are hosted. Owing to the feasibility offered by cloud computing, this type of ERP systems allows businesses to access their applications anytime from any location with an internet connection.

The basic difference between on-premise and cloud ERP solutions in India is the physical location of the software. Hence, due to its remote handling feature, cloud ERPs are more practical, achievable option for medium and small sized organizations.

Benefits of Cloud ERP Solutions in India

Undoubtedly, cloud ERP solutions in India offer similar services as an on-premise ERP. But, cloud ERP comes with various easily achievable functions such as integrations, mobility, social integrations, collaboration, and other support systems.

Upfront Costing 

Every business already has computer systems with internet access, which is exactly what a cloud ERP requires. You don’t require servers, hardware, software, and other unnecessary infrastructure for an ERP.

The maintenance falls under the bracket of the vendor so, you don’t even require an IT team to handle the ERP. Hence, reduced cost of maintenance, and you pay for only the resources that you utilize.

All-Time Monitoring 

The data and information stored by organizations on cloud ERP are constantly monitored by the vendor team day in and day out. This ensures smooth functioning of the business. All your team has to do is focus on the business.

Easy Accessibility

Even when your executives are out of the office for a business trip, they can remotely access the ERP without jeopardizing the security or business information. Just an internet connection is required for gaining access to ERP data.

Regular Updates 

Remember how on-premise ERPs can take up a lot of resources, time, and energy while upgrading or during updates?

This is not the case with cloud ERP. The hassle falls on the shoulder of the vendor. All your integrations, important data, and processes will continue without workflow interruptions.

Simple Integration 

Do you have an e-commerce platform or POS system? 

It is impossible for businesses to work with full efficiency when they have various management systems to take care of. Thankfully, cloud ERP can prove to be a blessing when it is about integrations.

For instance, you can easily integrate POS to cloud ERP and the ERP will automatically read POS orders and make necessary updates.


One overlooked advantage of cloud ERP is the ability of backup. The cloud vendors often keep various backups of the system to avoid losing data under grave circumstances. This upgrade may be carried out multiple times in a day or according to business needs. The simple backup schedule of the cloud ERP vendor saves you from the risk of losing important files and documents.

A New Wave of Technology

With worldwide internet availability, everyone and everything is going mobile. Previously, it was not even possible to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues on the go. Today, with the use of the internet, it is possible to achieve almost every computer task with a smartphone. This makes cloud ERP a necessary element in enterprise modernization. Managing on-premise ERP can take up too much of your resources and still leave you with fewer benefits. Hence, move to cloud ERP now.

Zenscale provides cloud ERP solutions in India for easy automation of business functions related to human resources, services, and technology. You can reduce the time and energy spend on regular ERP management and increase focus on important growth intensive tasks.