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There is always a need for software business solutions. It might be a cliché though you always know when your workflows remain restrictive.

Inadvertently, you would have experienced many limitations, in case you do not possess a cloud business solution.

For the growth and sustainability of your enterprise, the implementation of cloud-based software to improve processes & streamline workflows is absolutely vital.

There are many aspects to routines activities that become bothersome and unnecessarily complicated. Most of the processes become repetitive or consist of unnecessary elements and do not contain the elements that are actually required for efficient management.

Yet, one feels high and dry in trying to figure a way out that can wipe out every little operational drawback in one go. Digital is the buzzword and so is cloud management solutions, but when you start looking, you get lost in a jungle of business software. However, now you need not look any further, Zenscale Cloud Business Solution has been customized and crafted with every little detail looked into. It is end-to-end, guaranteed to remove all pain areas, streamline the flow of work, and reduce back-office operations to a minimum.

Running a business is stressful and the much-needed ease of business comes with automation aka digital transformation. The developers have specifically kept the needs of small & medium enterprises in mind, including affordability and ease of usage. Digital transformation is all about being ready for a competitive market and provides an enhanced experience to the customers.

Via this blog, we want to facilitate your software selection process based on needs and problem areas. You will learn:

  • Modules of  Cloud-Based Business Solution
  • Various Android Apps
  • How to select the modules and functionalities
  • Common Problem & Solutions

Modules of Cloud-Based Business Solution 

There are five integrated modules:
1. Material management
2. Production Planning
3. Financial Accounting
4. Payroll
5. Task management
It is modular software. Out of the above five, one can select any one, two, or all modules, based on requirement and industry type.

Various Android Apps of Zenscale

1.  Zen POS
2.  Zen Purchase
3.  Zen Consumption
4.  Zen Booking
5.  Branch Management
6.  Zen Confirmation 
7.  Utility Self Service
8.  ZenTask 
9.  ZenNewsFeed
10. Zen Implementation

The above Apps are integrated with the ERP. You can immediately start using them after you subscribe to the relevant module they are connected with.

How to select the modules and functionalities?

When it comes to selecting a module there are some things to keep in mind while selecting software and its sections, hence to make the process simple, ask yourself these 3 questions to assess your software needs:
•    What are your problem areas?
•    Which features would you require to accomplish ease of management?
•    Which segment of your business needs digital transformation the most?

The answers to these questions would pave the way for picking and implementing features in your system. Below is an illustration of a few of the most common issues that business owners face, and the way they are resolved. It covers most industries such as retailers, traders, manufacturers, IT and construction etc. It will give a fair idea of how to select the modules.

Common Problem Solutions

We have sketched certain common issues that business owners face. Our clients have immensely benefitted from the successful implementation of the suggested applications. You can also relate to these common issues and learn how the different features smoothen all roadblocks in various industry segments and businesses.

1. Problem: Inaccurate Inventory Tracking & BOM consumption, no Available to Promise, unorganized Material Requirement Planning, BOM calculation & poor Reporting on Stock/Production/Finished Goods.

Commonly faced by Manufacturing industry- textiles, batteries, pesticides

Solution & Features: Forecasting, Material & Component Planning (MRP) are the features that help balance the demand and supply. Streamlined production with Job-order wise activity, Automatic Bill of Material, Multilevel BOM. Notifications & Approval.

Most related modules: Material Management & Production Planning.

Associated Android Apps: Consumption App, Confirmation App

2. Problem: Multiple locations & companies. Enterprises find it very difficult to manage & control their various units & child concerns from one place. This happens when branches, offices, warehouses, or outlets are located geographically apart.

Commonly faced by: Traders & distributors, (FMCG)

Solution & Features: Branch management is a feature that lets you manage and control all branches centrally, from one place, and on a single screen. It is very easy & simple way.

Most related modules: Material Management

Associated Android Apps: Branch Management

3. Problem: Not able to follow compliance regulations for taxes, finances, or human resources. , Have to rely on outer agencies for creating & sending statutory reports for payroll and accounts.

Commonly faced by: All industries

Solution & Features: Statutory compliance, GST, and tax regulations are inbuilt into the modules of Financial Accounting and Payroll. It creates statutory reports that can be downloaded and sent to authorities. No need to share internal data with outsiders.

Most related modules: Financial Accounting & Payroll.

4.  Problem: Poor coordination between departments, no interdepartmental reporting, dropped tasks, and missed deadlines. No scales to measure performances, allocate regular work, or check the status of tasks/projects.

Commonly faced by: IT, Services, Construction, Textiles, Retail, Education, etc.

Solution & Features: team task allotment, Project reports, task scheduling, to-do lists, performance monitoring. ZenTask enables task creation and submission along the hierarchy, recurrent task setting, and email/ App notifications.

Most related modules: Task Management

Associated Android Apps: ZenTask

5. Problem: Unable to track employees on official duty or in remote locations, too many unapproved OD/Overtime/ leave, much time wasted in approvals.

Commonly faced by All industries

Solution & Features: Mark attendance with a selfie on the employee utility App with GEO tracking. Automatic approval system and cap on overtime, OD, and leave. Also, contactless punching on mobile

Most related modules: Payroll with Employee log-in

Associated Android Apps: Utility Self-Service

6.  Problem areas: Procuring & booking orders/Sampling. The owners have to send sales teams into the market & book orders on phone from the field. Besides, they ship samples, get catalogs made professionally, send emails & note down bookings manually from reverts.

Industry: Retail or sale points, manufacturers

Most related modules: Material Management

Solution & Features: Catalogue creation and sharing directly from our software system. Also, receive bookings directly into the system. The Booking App allows the sales team in the field to directly register a booking on the mobile.

Associated android apps: ZenBooking mobile app.

7. Problem areas: Difficulty in tracking the department wise consumption.

Industry: Hotels and Restaurants, production

Most related modules: Material Management

Solution & Features: Consumption. With this feature, you can create your own departments in the software and can use the inventory likewise. Stores staff can allocate material on the mobile App. Real-time reports on usage and stock can be viewed anytime.

Associated android apps: Consumption App

Solutions are Just a Call Away

There are so many issues that an SME custom cloud software addresses and turns around for business owners. It is a one-stop-shop for all solutions in various departments of small and medium enterprises. Our marketing team is always there to understand your unique method of working and get it implemented for a more profitable business. Solutions are just a call away!

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