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About Client

One of our clients is from the manufacturing industry, whose business consists of manufacturing & assembly of sheet metal pressings, turning parts and automobile white goods. Present day methods and offices and condition of craftsmanship plan office with CAD and CAM setup and exceedingly talented workmanship joined with a solid responsibility regarding client benefit have built up this association in the psyche of clients as a much-regarded producer. The company’s manufacturing plants are situated in four distinct locations, with each plant spread across a sprawling 90,000, 72, 000, and 45,000 Sq. ft. region.

Client Goals

The company purchases raw material for manufacturing, but a mismanagement of required raw material and material in stock, was present in the company.

Client Needs

The company used to purchase raw material in bulk while having enough material in the stock. The company required a management system through which they could easily gather information and track inventory.


Zenscale material management proved beneficial for the company. With this system, the company is able to keep an accurate record of the raw materials in stock, the consumed material and of material that needs to be purchased.