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A day makes brother sister bonding more grounded is falling on 7th of August this year. Raksha Bandhan implies fully crowded markets across the nation. A great push and shove of people, particularly bargaining arguments can be seen in the markets during these days.

This year the scene is somewhat different in the markets in light of the fact that the shopping is being ruled by GST to a great extent. Yes, with the landing of GST (Goods and Services Tax) has been imposed on Indians from first July 2017, both the buyers and sellers are on a different track.

No doubt in that the artificial Rakhi threads or bracelets are exempted, however, the adorable celebration is something more than simply tying the bracelet on the wrist of brothers. We are indicating gift exchanging that can’t be excluded from the Rakhi custom, correct?

The drastic change has arrived with the deluge of GST is reduced costs of items and services. This confirms that people are not bound to pay immense costs on the name of various taxes. As a result of this, retailers are making items accessible to the general public at honest genuine and affordable prices. Since one name viz. GST is echoing in the markets, retailers are feeling relaxed without explaining the cost of any item to the customers. Relating to Raksha Bandhan, brothers can without much of a stretch manage the cost of satisfying the expensive demands of sisters this festival season.