Check-point- Is ERP software a necessity?

This is the question to ask; “Why do I need ERP software?” The answer to this question tells you what is going wrong or unorganized in the business. And accordingly, you get customized software which is tailor-made to fit your business processes. Let us come to the basic query….why?  

You are dependent on your employees’ advice for taking important decisions.

 It is almost as if other people are running your company. From hiring new people, production schedules, payrolls and accounting to material management, you lay your bets on your subordinates for vital decisions. This is so because it is a hassle for you to manage the planning, processing and execution of tasks related to so many departments all by yourself. If you had a partner like the ERP, you would have your business graph and statistics within reach, at all times. Facts, figures, reports and comparisons, with few clicks. There is fierce competition out there and you need to adapt quickly lest you want to be left behind.

Precise information is not available to you at all times

With an ERP you can access facts and figures at any point of time.  The software contains real-time reports/ statuses pertaining to your transactions, customers/vendors, payments, production details, inventory, employees and processes. A few clicks and you have a printed report in your hand! 

You are working with different softwares in different departments

If yes, you have a billion excel files in your computer with no correlation whatsoever. To understand this, we can take an example. Let us say we received a payment from our customer Mr X. I would have to make an entry in the payments received ledger, customers’ log, bank details, GST log or any other log which I may or may not be aware of. Here, sophisticated ERP software comes to your rescue. In the ERP, all you need to do is, go to the customer’s log and make an entry. Corresponding entries in all other logs and reports will be synchronized automatically. This makes a lot of data-entry tasks and mistakes redundant.

You want the ease of running your business from anywhere, anytime?

Take the scenario of you travelling to Singapore, or any other place in the world for that matter. You log in to your Facebook account. It gives a wonderful feeling of being connected and grounded, wherever you may be. What if you also had, let us say, “Businessbook” account, which you could log in from Singapore and your entire organization processes, files tables, masters, reports, on-going tasks etc., would open in front of you?

Indeed it id revolutionary. It is not a hypothetical scenario, friends. It is actually revolutionary. With sophisticated ERP software, you get exactly that - a solution that is accessible from anywhere and is real-time; because they are cloud-based.

In this new age, this is what we call the “ease of business”.

Business Ease & Business Peace.

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