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With a multi store inventory management system, daily tracking gets easy and efficient. Manage multiple warehouses in different locations, transfer orders, automate your warehouse operations, and develop strategic reports to determine your sales trends.

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Benefits of Warehouse
Management Software Solution

When your business grows, so will the locations. It can be difficult to manage inventory across multiple warehouses and also oversee operations of several branches. In that case, keeping real-time track of your inventory and also monitoring the sale/purchase of your branches with one unified interface is a BOON. It can be difficult to keep a track of stock across several branches/warehouses and ensuring that restocking is done on timely basis. However, with the appropriate software solution, you can overcome these challenges and expand your business. Obtain a comprehensive report of your warehouse inventory to thoroughly examine whether any items are missing or not.

To succeed in today's highly competitive business environment, it is crucial to make the right choices when it comes to inventory tracking. By utilizing Zenscale's Warehouse Management System (WMS), you can seamlessly track your inventory and make informed decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

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Manage Multiple Locations Of Branches/Warehouses

Monitor inventory across multiple locations to ensure a smooth business. No matter, if your inventory is placed in multiple warehouses, manage it without hassle with Zenscale Branch Management Solution


Track Inventory In Real Time

Regulate your inventory and get real-time updates about your stocks. Access information from multiple warehouses in a single unified interface from WMS software.


Support Your Accounting Team

Provide support to your finance team to provide a clear picture of how much inventory is needed for your business, Also helpful to create sale purchase,stocks levels by online warehouse inventory-management software.

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Streamline Purchase Orders

Develop and manage suppliers, PO and also regulate your business progress with a warehouse stock management system.


Seamless Pick and Pack Order Fulfilment

Comprehensive multi-warehouse tools to streamline all processes to create pick and pack slips, warehouse groups, slip shipments and also smart orders with barcode warehouse management system.

Why Choose Us For Your Multiple Branches?

Our warehouse management system is safe, secure, cloud-based, easy-to-use, and mobile-friendly. We have existing clients who are winning with our warehouse control system. Join our satisfied clients and optimise your multi-warehouse management with ease.

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Simplify Your Branch Management
with Our Intuitive Software

Our stock control software allows you to connect your branches and warehouses
seamlessly, making it easier for you to manage your business operations through
zenscale inventory maintance control software.

Seamless Transactions within your Branches
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Efficient Reporting with
Branch management software

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  • Simplify the maintenance and management Of Branches
  • Make smart decisions for enhancing the efficiency of branches
  • Cost-effective solution for maintaining their branches
  • A pleasing experience for all stakeholders
  • Increase your ROI and sales
  • Instant bug resolution in the software

Automate Branch Management Operations Effortlessly

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Control Stock levels in real-time

Manage your stocks in real-time with a cloud based warehouse management system. Know your shortages and excess products to keep your business in control.

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Add branches & record every branch's transactions.

Determine different branches of your company, manage every branch and follow up on its operations using multi location inventory management software.

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Add branches & record every branch's transactions.

Regulate the client list, products and suppliers for every branch. Define the warehouse of every branch with an advanced warehouse management.

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Develop insight reports

Develop reports for every branch on the account, monitor every branch's performance and make data-driven decisions with best warehouse management system.

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