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Bring your whole production planning process online and take efficiency to unprecedented levels

Inventory Management

Keep an accurate record of all the materials that are used in the production process and assign them various job orders

Purchase Cycle Tracker

Maintain an optimum flow of raw materials through the Purchase feature

Deficiency Tracker

Keep a track of the rejected raw materials to ensure high quality standards

Process Management

Maintain and share crucial information of the job orders that are received

Bird’s Eye View

Have an overview of all the inhouse and outsourced tasks and their current statuses


Payroll Management

Calendar Planner

Create and define the holiday calendar for the whole financial year

Shift Management

Create and define various Shift details like the hours, start and end time, type, etc.

Employee Master

Maintain a reliable employee database through the Employee Master

Leaves Tracker

Define rules regarding various leaves that the employees can avail

Attendance Tracker

Automatic attendance marking and management based on the entry and exit time of the employees

Automatic Taxation

Pre-define the TDS rate that will be levied on all payroll transactions

Salary Tracker

Calculate and disburse the salaries of every employee based on various related data heads.

Bonus Calculator

Set baselines for relevant incentives rates and their criteria

Gate Security

Track the movement and productivity of the employees during work hours through the Gate Pass feature

Loan Disbursement

Manage the amount and type of loan availed by the employees and the accompanying installment that is calculated

Arrear Calculator

Track the accumulated Arrear payments for every employees and release them accordingly

Attendance Tracker

Process the attendance of the employees and generate related reports accordingly


Enable the employee to file any expense claim directly on the platform

Performance Insights

Optimize the working by extracting insights through crucial KRAs

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Fully modular
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What Clients Say?

The greatest advantage I've experienced since using Zenscale Payroll is the ease of use. It is very easy to navigate and rollback past information.

Gulzar Dealers

Fully automated system enabled us to replace paper-based manual work. Now we utilize our saved time in improving the productivity.

Tech Auto

It relieves the burden to a great extent. It takes away the majority of the little inquiries and the questions that spares so much time.


It is an incorporated framework with real-time transaction reporting. It capably supports hierarchical process identified with Production, Sales and Distribution and numerous others.

Ghaison Bikes

Financial Accounting

Database Management

Maintain a reliable record of all the existing customers and vendors of the company

Transactional Tracking

Track every financial transaction through an electronic ledger

Budget Allocation

Allocate funds for various departments and tasks with a well-defined budget

Automated Taxation

Automatically levy the applicable GST on every transaction!

Books Management

Efficiently manage company books through regular updates of outstanding records

Portfolio Management

Maintain a real-time portfolio of all the assets owned by the company

Financial Statement Creation

Create and maintain a Provisional Balance Sheet that helps to accurately comprehend the financial health


Material Management

Database Management

Record and maintain all the necessary features of current company clients and vendors

Order Tracking

Track ongoing inhouse job orders and be updated about every phase of the process

Inventory Management

Know about existing raw materials in the inventory to stay on top of the purchase cycle

Sales Tracker

Track the sales cycle by knowing the scope of the inventory at all times

Automated Taxation

Know the applicable GST amount for every prospective trade

Vendor Overlooking

Keep a tab on all outsourced tasks to the vendors

Consignment Tracking

Track the movement of raw and finished goods from one branch to another

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