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Do you know why most manufacturing businesses fail? They fail as they are unable to invest in the right inventory management tool. This leads to inefficient processes to track inventory, know which items sell fast, and which items expire soon. Manufacturers often have no idea about stock, coming orders and when to stock in their inventory. These things give them a hard time and end up losing massive business.

Zenscale provides reliable inventory management software for small and medium businesses to keep a track of your inventory, boost your self confidence, integrate a barcode system, and much more.

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Manage your Inventory
on the go with
Stock Control Software

Multi warehouse inventory control software covering your work from every angle.

Ditch paper-pen and switch to a scalable warehouse barcode system for inventory management to move your stocks faster and update the product database.

Enhance accuracy of your sales and purchase orders with Zenscale inventory management solutions.

Avoid running out of stock or over stocking by getting alerts with best warehouse management system.

Get built-in reports for your inventory with Zenscale cloud inventory management software

Manage your vendors to see all orders placed against them with sales and inventory management system.

Branch Management
Made Easy with Zenscale

Keep your inventory in different branches organised and make sure your
manufacturing processes run optimally.

Manage multiple branches with a single apppcation.

best warehouse management system

Get a real-time overview of your stocks and transfer items between locations seamlessly.

online stock management system

Dispatch your order from a nearby branch for quick delivery to save a lot of time and cut down transportation costs.

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inventory management software
inventory management software

Get effective distribution management and comprehensive control of your supply chain.

barcode inventory system

Develop strategic reports for efficient decision making.

warehouse stock management system

Keep your business organised with Bin Wise Storage.

Boost your business confidence
with stock management software

Fix your Manufacturing Mistakes with Zenscale Inventory Control System and get
comprehensive visibility of your stocks. Streamline your business & grow your revenue.

barcode inventory system for small business


Scan items like a pro right from your smartphone or through an external scanner to quickly identify them.

warehouse barcode system

Order Management

Pack orders and deliver them based on your availability. Cloud-based automatic sync to seamlessly update inventory in real time from any device and check your orders.

stock maintenance software

Inventory Tracking

Track supplies, consumables, assets, sales orders, purchase orders, and much more with store inventory management system.

inventory management software with barcode scanner

Sales and Purchase orders

Set stock thresholds to manage your sales and purchase orders through our store inventory management system.

inventory management software

Dynamic Reports

Get dynamic reports and make instant decisions to save and share with any team members.

inventory management software small business

Low Stock Alerts

Get low stock alerts to avoid out of stock situations and save yourself from big time losses.

online inventory management system

API integrations

Get API access to connect your existing tools and data to Zenscale ERP.

warehouse stock management system


Get all your invoices at a single place in just a few clicks with manufacturing inventory software.

barcode inventory system

Simple Inventory System
For Small & Medium

Zenscale stock maintenance software makes it easy to manage your entire inventory- on any device and anywhere.

Centralise and automate your stock levels to get quick updates about out of stock and over stock situations.

Track inventory, supplies, materials, and anything you want wherever and whenever.

Scan products with in-app barcode for quick identification.

Improve performance and process time with cloud warehouse management system by getting holistic view of what happens in your warehouse.

Get powerful insights with in-built reports such as inventory report, activity report, low stock reports, and more.

Experience Total Visibility with ZenScale
Online Stock Management System

Zenscale inventory tracking software makes it easy to manage your entire inventory, centralise
and automate it, track inventory, supplies, materials and a perfect partner for your SME.

store inventory management system


Easily manage your inventory or multi-warehouse inventory with the Zenscale warehouse stock management system.

manufacturing inventory management system


Access our multichannel inventory management software from your smartphone and scan products using the barcode scanner.

simple inventory management software

Modern UI

A modern UI for pos and inventory system. High productivity in your business with less effort.

Trusted By 500+ Manufactures

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